Helping to Design Spaces that Enable Learning


Wherever learning happens, Allsteel has office furniture ideas, thought-starters, and solutions.

For higher education, success begins with your campus. And planning the right office solutions begins with the concept of place. By understanding The Power of Place, you can prepare your campus to address the needs of today while adapting to the changing needs of tomorrow. Allsteel has worked closely with public and private universities along with community colleges to create workplace environments that ensure the best possible academic, social, and community experience.:

Faculty Offices

It’s important that every workplace invites interaction. An organized, comfortable office system in which to sit and talk enriches the student and faculty experience.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Students need space to think, room to collaborate, and technology to support their way of working. It’s about balancing privacy and supporting collaboration.


Classrooms serve more than one purpose. It’s essential they have flexibility and modern furniture to handle multiple styles of learning.

Active Learning Environments and Social Areas

As education moves to more active engagement, the environment must break free of conventional design and furniture must adapt to foster the social nature of learning. ​​