Define Before You Design

While doing research when creating the Gather collection, Allsteel defined a process that helps companies think about where to start when designing collaborative work areas. With careful planning, it's easy to create inspiring spaces that will be productive and popular. It's critical to carefully define criteria in three key areas before starting to design a collaborative space.

Plan Provision Use  

When planning a collaborative space, it's important to determine where it should be located:

  • How close should it be to those who will use it?
  • Is it on the main circulation route or on a quiet cul-de-sac?
  • Could it disrupt its neighbors' concentration?


Gather Room Change

Create spaces that encourage and enable collaboration. With this animation, see how you can create a unique Gather solution to support the kind of work being done, fit the postures people take, and complement the environment in which it lives.


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