NeoCon 2013

At Allsteel, we support people in the workplace, not just functions and activities. And humans are all different. One size doesn’t and can’t fit all. Not all people are extraverts doing collaborative, team-based activities. Workplace solutions should seamlessly address these different ways of working, shifting from socialization to collaboration, from collaborative work to focus work and back again. Workplace solutions should really support the people, not just the things that people do. Workplace solutions should be about humans…BEING.

The concept of “Humans Being” falls right in​ line with supporting the full spectrum of work, and how Beyond and Further, together with the full Allsteel product portfolio, provide the flexibility and breadth of applications to support each of the different modes of work.

The overall result of the combined product applications, work flow, and environmental design creates a comfortable and informed showroom that fosters a greater connectivity between work modes, greater creativity, and ultimately, a greater workplace for individuals and their organizations.





Below are highlighted products featured in this year’s NeoCon showroom:

The Chicago Resource Center also features Stride, Terrace DNA, Involve, Gather, Acuity, Clarity, Relate, and Inspire.